Speaking Topics

Areas Of Focus

The art of Great Vision

Some would say 20/20 is great vision, but that simply means I see at 20 feet what the average person sees at 20 feet. Learn about the mechanisms needed to have great vision so that you can see at 20 feet what others have to run into to see.


If you are like me there are times that childish behaviors makes an appearance in your adult life. Learn 3 simple truths that you can use to tell little boy in your life to take a seat and invite the Man to Stand Up.


The greatest gains in the athletic world doesn’t come from skill or strategy but rather from the heart. Learn how to coach the heart and the mind of the athlete and not just the physical side of sport.


The natural progression of difficulty is always south and difficulty will always be in our lives. In this talk we uncover what it means to lead North of difficulty away from despair and toward Hope.


Every athlete who participates in sport should receive a trophy. Are participation trophies really the problem or is it that we have lost sight of the trophy that really matters?

Putting Sport in its Proper Perspective

Boundaries aren’t put in place to limit us but rather to liberate us. In this talk we discuss 3 practical boundaries for parents as they navigate the crazy and chaotic world of athletics.

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